The Platform: GAEDKeeper

From detecting energy savings to proposing energy solutions, GAED is a platform to cover it all.

Energy Audit

With varying levels of assessment at different affordable price plans, we provide an evaluation of your current energy consumption practices, identify areas for improvements, and give suggestions based on your practices to help you save money and electricity.

Equipment Technology

As a long-time industry insider, we are constantly updated with resources in the market and offer our clients the latest energy-saving equipment and technology solutions. We also have our very own smart home and office technology providing a seamless and futuristic experience while saving energy simultaneously.

Energy Retailer

With today’s deregulated energy market, we provide ease in switching to the energy supplier of your choice, with sustainability as one of the key factors of consideration.

Green Certification

GAED has a universal industry-standard energy efficiency rating system which is a faster and effective gauge of a user or institution’s green energy practices. We regularly review our trusted vendors and ensure that they deliver what they promise to our client.

Using Machine Learning (ML), the platform targets energy-efficiency drive to detect areas of loss and inefficiency through a predictive and prescriptive procedure to tackle problem areas. In doing so, the platform is able to implement improvements in energy consumption with potential savings of up to 40%. For different levels of assessment, GAED offers a competitive fee across the market. By removing the guesswork out of supplier and retailer selection, GAED’s strategic partnerships allow for discounted prices for equipment purchases with the use of GAED coins.

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